Sunday, April 14, 2013

I hang my head, my pieces are not completed.  I hope to post them shortly as soon as the elusive set of beads I already have resurface.  A typical crafter's headache, you know you have the beads but where did they wander off to. I spent the last two nights looking for them, but tonite was spent looking for our missing 6 month old kitten......he was hiding up on top of cabinet, laughing at us look and call everywhere for him.  After cuddles, he was sent to his crate..............punishment must be served, now why am I being punished on not finding these beads !!!!!!!   thanks for reading my rant....


  1. I'm sure they will turn up as soon as you stop looking :) Thankfully kitty was found though

  2. Don't worry. We'll be back. You'll find them now.