Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yes !!!!, I have a Bead Soup partner for 2014 and she is wonderful.  Though our bead styles are different, and not on common ground, we are trying, I sent a soup full of stuff she hasn't played with before but added her favorite style beads into it.  check her out, she is cool

Monday, February 3, 2014

Another bead soup is about to begin.........................I can't wait 

here's all the info

Sunday, April 28, 2013

At last and probably the last one to finish and post; so many factors went into my tardiness, it would be a very long story ending with my husband not finding his cable for I could post my pictures.  I hang my head that aren't the best pictures, but it was his first time with beads let alone sea shell reflecting here it goes...

From my partner Mowsy Doyle, I received a collection of natural beads and shells, which I have never worked with Seashells before.  Also among the soup was this great focal, of a shell with clay dragon embedded on it.  So the juices flowed,

My first piece came together using some beads I had that looked like sea glass

I called it my Seaglass necklace set

for my second piece, I decided to use the pink shell and make more traditional necklace, yet a little modern, the center bead is a mother of pearl, photograph badly,  

This one is called Sea Moon necklace, 
my only regret I had no shells left to make some earrings

Next one, my daughter said I went mystical and this one she called my SeaChakra

I thought to make a choker but those beads I mentioned in a previous blog entry are still hiding.

Finally, the focal bead needed a more bohemian aspect and a simple cord with dangles

 afterward, the dangles could become earrings, but hindsight is always perfect, and I ran out a clasp at this point......

My first BeadSoup and I already know I could've done better,.....

I wish to thank Lori for letting me join and helping me over some hurdles and aspects which I'll probably need help with
So far all the blogs I have seen, make me very humble with my little creations, but my designs tend to go simple......

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I hang my head, my pieces are not completed.  I hope to post them shortly as soon as the elusive set of beads I already have resurface.  A typical crafter's headache, you know you have the beads but where did they wander off to. I spent the last two nights looking for them, but tonite was spent looking for our missing 6 month old kitten......he was hiding up on top of cabinet, laughing at us look and call everywhere for him.  After cuddles, he was sent to his crate..............punishment must be served, now why am I being punished on not finding these beads !!!!!!!   thanks for reading my rant....

Friday, January 25, 2013

My first blog:  wow, what an opportunity.......for all my life I seek to learn, something I feel everyone should do, learn learn learn.................keeps you young, in touch, and occupied.  A mind needs to be exercised !!!